Chef Chuck Newman

A little bit about our Company...

Family owned and operated serving the foodservice and retail trade for three decades.

I’m Chuck Newman, Director of Operations here at Puckered Pickle. When I graduated from college I realized my love of food and decided to further my education in the culinary arts. It is there that I learned that using the best quality ingredients produces the bdest quality product. We base our recipes on this simple principle and that is why our products taste so great. We take pride in the premium pickles, pickle relishes and fine condiments like Sport peppers, giardiniera and muffalata, that we produce in our state of the art facility. In addition, our company follows a strict HACCP program to ensure the quality and safety of our daily production. All products manufactured at the Puckered Pickle Company are gluten-free and Kosher Certified. We know you will love them!!

And we’re responsive.

We’re adept at monitoring market trends to drive innovation for our distributors and end-customers. Our experienced culinary team can match specific customer flavor profiles and specifications. Private label programs are available.

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We’re headquartered in Chicago, but people from all over the country seek us out for our delicious pickles and condiments. Our central Midwest location allows us easy distribution across the nation.

The Good Word–Notes from Customers

Tangy “The super green color [of the super green sweet relish] has great eye appeal, compared to the sweet green pickle relish from the supermarket. The taste is clean and tangy with just enough sweetness.” Bumps, Rhode Island

Hot Dog! “We love your Super Green Sweet Pickle Relish. It makes us feel young again as we recall fun lunches at the Chicago hot dog stands during the 1950’s and 60’s. Thanks.“ The Persky’s, Lincolnwood, IL

Lovin‘ It “Hello, I recently bought a jar of your spicy pizza topping, LOVED it & shared it with my chef friend, who also LOVED it! We are jones-ing for some more!” Ruth B. ,Pittsburgh, PA

Spicy! “Since purchasing my first bottle of “Spicy Pizza Topping”, I can honestly say I'm addicted." Darlene W., Florrisant, MO

Send more! “Earlier this year I purchased a large container of Alpino Brand Hot Pepper Mix. We all love it and [are] craving more! Thank you.” Cecilia C., Minneapolis, MN